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A large mobile home in Shabak

Ronin Bar, the head of the Public Information Organization of the Zionist regime, informed his assistants that soon there will be many changes in the management pyramid of Shabak.
– International News

according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News, the Zionist Radio and Television Network (KAN) in a news He announced that the head of Shabak will soon be at the top of the organizational chart of this organization and will undergo major changes. Ronin Bar informed his assistants that after the end of Ramadan, this organization will witness major changes in the management structure.

Knowledgeable sources In this regard, they added: It is expected that part of the high management structure of this intelligence organization will change and we will see the presence of new people in these positions from next summer.

This reporter added: This news means that the head of Shabak will make changes in the organization’s general management chart, while it is said that these changes will start with the department heads of this organization and gradually spread to the lower managers. will do.

Kan emphasized: Shabak is not willing to comment on this matter.

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