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2 doubling the number of Palestinians arrested by the Zionists

The Zionist regime has arrested 9,312 Palestinians since October 7.

The genocide of the Zionist regime in Gaza is only a part of the brutality of this regime against the Palestinians. Now the infrastructure of this strip has been completely destroyed and Gaza can no longer be a settlement for people. This is despite the fact that the Zionists were widely detaining civilians from the very first days of the war.

According to Al Jazeera, a human rights group based in the occupied territories known as HaMoked (HaMoked) announced the jump in the number of Palestinians arrested by the Zionists.

According to the information published by the Israel Prisons Service, since October 7th, this regime has widely detained Palestinians, 40% of whom have been detained in administrative detention.

Administrative detention refers to a state in which a person is in prison without trial. This type of detention is not done because of what the person has done, but administrative detention is done because of the concern of what the person may do in the future.

Now the number of Palestinian detainees in the prison of the Zionist regime has reached 9,312 people. This human rights organization says that since October 7th, the number of Palestinian detainees has more than doubled, and many of these people are under administrative detention.

This statistic does not include the arrest of 4,000 Palestinian workers. After the October 7 attacks, the Zionist regime revoked the work permits of 4,000 Palestinian workers living in Gaza and arrested and interrogated all of them. Although these people were finally released at the end of October 2023.

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