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UNIFIL: We continue to patrol the Lebanese border

The UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon denied the claim of stopping the patrols of this organization.

The Zionist regime is expanding the Gaza conflict to other regions with the motivation of dragging America’s foot into the West Asia war. The attack on Syria and the bombardment of the southern regions of Lebanon are part of this policy, so far Hezbollah has been able to give an appropriate response to the aggression of this regime.

According to Al Jazeera, after the Zionist attack on the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, some reports claimed that the operation of this force had stopped; This has now been accompanied by UNIFIL’s official reaction.

Accordingly, the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon today (Tuesday) denied the reports about the cessation of patrols of these forces on the border strip between Lebanon and the occupied territories.

Al Jazeera’s reporter also reported on UNIFIL’s patrolling in the southern border of Lebanon this morning.

These reports come after UNIFIL announced on Saturday an attack on its troops patrolling the border with the occupied territories on foot, in which three international observers and a Lebanese translator were wounded.

UNIFEL announced an independent investigation to determine the angles of this incident.

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