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Biden and Xi’s phone conversation about bilateral issues and Taiwan

The presidents of China and the United States talked on the phone about the crisis in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the Ukraine crisis in a telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden, China Central Television reported.

This TV channel announced in a statement: The heads of the two countries also exchanged views on the crisis in Ukraine and the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

At the same time, the TV channel did not provide details about what exactly the leaders of China and the United States said in the context of the Ukraine crisis.

At the same time, “the heads of the two countries acknowledged that the telephone conversation was frank and constructive.”

For his part, a representative of the Washington government said in a briefing that Biden expressed to the Chinese president Washington’s concern about the assistance that Beijing, according to the American side, provides to Moscow in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. stated.

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