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Europe is shooting itself in the foot with Russia sanctions strategy

According to the Daily Mail, sanctions against Moscow have damaged the European economy and boosted the Russian economy.

English newspaper Daily Mail wrote in an article that the sanctions against Russia have not only prevented the growth of this country’s economy, but have directly targeted and damaged the European economy.

According to this newspaper, Western sanctions have not been able to stop Russia from continuing the war in Ukraine and have caused more damage to England and Europe than Moscow.

Western efforts to undermine the Kremlin’s attacks by freezing its funds and assets, excluding Russian banks from international payment systems and suspending trade have only prompted Moscow to improve relations with other international partners, including China and Iran.

Ksenia Kirkham, an expert on economic warfare at King’s College London, said: “Europe is shooting itself in the foot with its sanctions strategy, forcing Russia to distance itself from Western control mechanisms and become more independent.”

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