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British parliament member’s emphasis on expelling the ambassador and boycotting Tel Aviv

The representative of the British Parliament emphasized the expulsion of the ambassador of the Zionist regime and the boycott of this regime.

report Mehr News Agency quoted the Palestine Information Center, the British parliament member demanded the expulsion of the ambassador of the Zionist regime and boycott of this regime.

Claudia Webb, a member of the British Parliament in response to the continuing crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza In particular, the bombing of the car of the staff of the World Central Kitchen Organization in the center of this barricade, calling for the complete expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the simultaneous imposition of sanctions against Tel Avio.

Webb clarified that we demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and stop selling arms to the Zionist regime.

He said that it is impossible to remain silent in front of the sufferings of the people of Gaza.

This English representative stated that Israel is out of control and we must do something to stop it.

Claudia Webb stated that we must pressure Washington because “Israel” to No one listens.

Previously, the British Foreign Ministry announced the summoning of the Zionist ambassador in London. Was. The British Foreign Ministry announced that this action was carried out following the killing of aid workers in the Gaza Strip, and the British government has strongly condemned the killing of 7 aid workers in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime.

On the other hand, “David Cameron”, the British Foreign Minister, also announced that he had a conversation with the Foreign Minister of the Zionist regime and stressed that the killing of relief forces is not acceptable in any way. It is not.

Cameron added without mentioning the comprehensive support of England to the Zionist regime: We asked Israel to conduct an immediate and transparent investigation regarding the attack on the relief forces in Gaza.

“Rishi Sunak” the British Prime Minister also stated that the Zionist regime should explain that the incident How did the tragedy that the relief forces suffered in Gaza happen?

Sunak without referring to the genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime, he said: Israel must Take immediate steps to support aid workers and facilitate their humanitarian actions in Gaza.

The Al Jazeera reporter reported that targeting this car in Deir al-Balah located in the center of the strip Gaza has left at least 7 victims. According to news media reports, 6 of these victims are foreign forces. In this regard, the government information office of the Gaza Strip announced that the Zionist occupation has targeted the international relief team consisting of British, Polish, Australian forces and nationals of other countries in this strip.


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