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The Security Council should fulfill its duties in response to Israel’s defiance

The Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations spoke about the "threat to international peace and security" at the Security Council meeting regarding the crime of the Zionist regime and the violation of Iran's diplomatic headquarters in Damascus.
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According to Tasnim News Agency, Zahra Ershadi, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the organization In the meeting of the Security Council, the United Nations spoke about the “threat to international peace and security” regarding the crime of the Zionist regime and the invasion of the diplomatic headquarters of Iran in Damascus. The text of the speech of the representative of Iran at the meeting of the Security Council The description is as follows: Yesterday, the Islamic Republic of Iran immediately informed the members of the Security Council about the latest clear violation of international laws by the Israeli regime in Syria. As reflected in the correspondence of the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations, our diplomatic facilities in Damascus were subjected to terrorist attacks by the Israeli regime on April 1, 2024.
Seven rocket attacks from the occupied Golan Heights. They specifically and deliberately targeted the diplomatic places of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the building of the consular section and the residence of the ambassador. Unfortunately, these heinous attacks resulted in the martyrdom of seven Iranian personnel, including senior military advisors, and the wounding of a number of others.
Besides the complete destruction of the consular section of the building, the administrative parts of the embassy were also significantly damaged by the explosions. . The final and exact death toll is still unclear because the diplomatic building has been destroyed, and people are trapped under the rubble.
Madam President,
The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns these horrible crimes and cowardly terrorist attacks. he does. The Israeli regime has committed a clear violation of the United Nations Charter, international laws, and the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. This crime and terrorist attack represents a clear insult to the accepted principle of the international community, that is, the immunity of representatives and diplomatic and consular places; The common principle which is the cornerstone of international relations is recognized and upheld.
This crime also clearly violated the fundamental principle of diplomatic and consular immunity, as well as the 1961 Convention on Diplomatic Relations, The 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the 1973 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons are diplomatic agents. And the consular places of the member countries have been unanimous. The Security Council has always emphasized that such reprehensible actions, regardless of the motive or agent, are unjustifiable.
Considering the severe consequences of this reprehensible action that can lead to the escalation of tensions in the region and potentially spark cause more conflict among other countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran asks the Security Council to strongly condemn this criminal act and illegal terrorist attack. The destabilizing, irresponsible and continuous actions of the Israeli regime against the nations of the region are a real threat to regional and international peace and security. This regime has continuously ignored international laws, the United Nations Charter, humanitarian principles and human rights. The agenda of the Zionist regime is clear: escalation and continuation of the conflict while avoiding accountability and accepting responsibility.
This regime has not considered any red line for killing civilians and even using starvation as a method of war. The main goal of this regime is the illegal use of force to advance apartheid policies, ethnic cleansing, genocidal actions and military objectives in Gaza at any cost. Despite the repeated requests of the members of the Security Council, the Zionist regime continues its brutal and genocidal actions against the defenseless people of Gaza. It has defied resolutions and instead focused on committing more brutal crimes without regard to international legal obligations.
Just today, this regime murdered aid workers from the Global Central Kitchen; Aid workers who, according to the testimony of the Deputy Secretary General, “were heroes who died trying to feed the people of Gaza who were struggling with hunger.” This regime has been encouraged to continue its violations. The time has come for the Security Council, while accepting its responsibility, to deal with the real threat to international peace and security. The Security Council must quickly fulfill its duties against the reckless defiance of the Israeli regime. Urgent and effective measures should be taken to force this regime to fulfill its obligations.
Madam President,
The Islamic Republic of Iran has shown remarkable self-restraint, but it must be acknowledged that such tolerance We are also limited. The occupying regime must accept full responsibility for the consequences of its crimes. The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its legitimate and inherent right based on international laws and the United Nations Charter to respond decisively to such reprehensible actions.

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