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Hebrew media: The war in Gaza has caused an increase in the killing of women in Israel

A Hebrew-language media announced that since the start of the Iron Swords War (Gaza War), the average killing of women inside Israel has increased by 80%.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency, Walla News announced in a report published on Tuesday evening Kurds, since the beginning of the war against the Gaza Strip and the beginning of tension on the Lebanese border, 18 women have been killed in Israel.

According to the comprehensive report that The Women’s Lobby and the Citizen Empowerment Center have prepared and published, the sense of security among women has decreased sharply, especially after the distribution of weapons among the people.

The published report shows that the inequality and challenges faced by women due to the war have increased a lot.

This report, which was presented to the relevant Knesset ministries and committees yesterday, deals with the lack of presence of women in decision-making centers, the gaps and gaps that have arisen in the employment sector for women, family violence and how to interact with shock problems.

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