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Condemnation of Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in the Security Council meeting

The representatives of the countries present at the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the aggression of the Israeli regime on the Iranian embassy building in Damascus condemned Tel Aviv's barbaric action.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, today Tuesday, the UN Security Council meeting about the attack Israeli aggression was held against the building of the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

Vasily Nebenzia, the representative of Russia, said at the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus: We targeted the building of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which caused the death of We condemn its employees in the strongest possible way. We have never confirmed the attack on diplomatic centers and we condemn it.

He added: According to the 1963 Vienna Convention, the diplomatic immunity of embassy employees should be respected.

The Russian representative He said: This was not the first Israeli action to attack civilians in Syria, from the beginning of October 7th until today, we have witnessed the multiplication of Israel’s actions against civilians. has targeted attacks against various airports, including the Damascus airport, which has been the gateway for humanitarian aid from the United Nations. they export, but they remain silent against Israel’s actions

The representative of China said in his speech at the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus: Israel’s action is a gross violation of the 1968 Vienna Convention. Twenty years ago, the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was the target of an American airstrike and several people were killed.

This Chinese diplomat continued: We deeply feel the pain and sorrow caused to the people of Iran due to yesterday’s incident. We understand and sympathize with them. It should not be allowed to take such reckless actions against diplomatic places.

Slovenia’s representative emphasized in the emergency meeting of the Security Council: Slovenia is completely worried about the situation in the region. We ask all sides not to inflame tensions and show self-restraint. All parties must respect the Security Council Resolution 2728 and we must witness a ceasefire. He clarified: It is necessary for all members of the United Nations to adhere to the United Nations Charter.

Swiss representative said at the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria: these actions have raised the level of tension in the region.

He added: Resolution 2728 must be implemented. and establish a ceasefire in Gaza.

Algeria’s representative at the Security Council meeting also stated: The timing of this attack, in a situation where Israel is facing international pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza, shows a deliberate disregard for the general request. The international community is for the cessation of hostilities.

He added: The purpose of such a deliberate action is clear: to respond to international pressure by escalating conflicts, it is clear that the purpose of this action is to drag the entire region into conflict, and it shows the feeling of immunity by the occupying Israeli regime, which He considers himself above international laws.

The Algerian diplomat said Israel’s behavior is far from what we expect from a member of the United Nations. The Security Council must respond decisively to these pressures on the principles of sovereignty of countries, immunity of diplomatic places and territorial integrity of countries.

He continued that the integrity of our international order is at risk and there should be consequences for this blatant disregard for the law so that we can maintain our collective commitment to the law.

Representative of the United States In the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, he also claimed, as the White House announced, that Washington had no role in the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria.

He repeated baseless anti-Iranian claims. The White House said: The nature of the attacked building is not yet clear to us, if it is diplomatic, it is unacceptable to us. This building belonged to diplomatic places, it is condemned. Most of the representatives participating in this meeting condemned Israel’s act of aggression, but the countries of America, England, France, Japan and South Korea are willing to condemn the attack of the Zionist regime. They did not.

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