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The response of the representative of Iran to the exaggerations of the representatives of the United States and England

Zahra Ershadi, the deputy representative of Iran to the United Nations, said in response to the statements of the representatives of the United States and England that they should correct their policies.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Irshadi told Gazafa at the meeting of the UN Security Council. The representatives of the United States and England reacted.

The text of the response of the representative of Iran is as follows:

Madam Chairman,
The representatives of the United States and England once again tried to take responsibility for the current situation in Syria by blaming Iran. And the region denies.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly rejects these accusations. Iran has never sought to contribute to the spillover of the conflict in the region and does not seek to intensify or spread the tension to the entire region. Despite expressing concern about the spillover of tension in the region, America is trying to exploit this situation to destabilize Syria and the region.

The United States is responsible for all the crimes of the Israeli regime. The barbaric and genocidal actions in Gaza would not have been possible without the explicit consent and comprehensive political, financial and military support, as well as the participation of the United States. It is surprising that the United States is talking about protecting civilians in Gaza and also expressing its concerns about violations of humanitarian law, while it has been more than six months since the Security Council took immediate and appropriate action to stop It has stopped the war in Gaza.

If the United States really cares about civilians and respects international humanitarian law, it should stop blaming Iran and instead force the Israeli regime to implement the council resolution. Security of the UN about the ceasefire.

And as for the accusations of England. Instead of blaming others, Britain should face its own mistakes and correct its harmful policies that have negatively affected the people of the region. The long-term suffering of the Palestinian people, which has lasted for more than seven decades, can be directly traced to British colonial policies.

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end of message/.


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