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Damascus: Israel and terrorists work together

The representative of Syria in the United Nations said in the meeting of the Security Council that the Zionist regime and terrorist organizations are working in harmony with each other and have divided their roles in Syria.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Qasi al-Dahhak, the representative of Syria in the United Nations, during the council meeting Security, which was held at the request of Russia and to investigate the attack of the Zionist regime on the Iranian consulate in Syria, said that these attacks will not make Damascus shrink from its positions. He said: “Damascus emphasizes that the attacks of Israel , it cannot dissuade us from our national and decisive options and positions in support of the rights of the Palestinian people and the return of the occupied Golan.” The representative of Syria in the United Nations added: “The American support for the occupation of Israel, this regime has been able to commit the most terrible crimes, the last of which is the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip; The simultaneity of Israel’s attacks with the attacks of terrorist organizations once again confirms the continuous coordination and division of roles between the occupying regime of Israel and its terrorist instruments. Israel’s terrorist attack is a dangerous precedent and a flagrant violation of international conventions and standards that guarantee the protection and immunity of diplomatic headquarters and staff and the prohibition of any attack on them.

Condemnation of the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in the Security Council meeting
The Security Council should fulfill its duties in the face of Israel’s defiance

Qasi Zahhak emphasized: “Syria is the war criminals of Israel and their partners in the American government He is responsible for the consequences of repeated attacks on regional and international peace and security and pushing the region to unprecedented levels of escalation and instability. The representative of Syria in the United Nations also said: “Iran’s consulate building is located in an area full of civilians. It is located a few meters away from the headquarters of foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations, including the World Food Program, as well as the hospital and faculties of Damascus University and a number of banks and private companies. In this terrorist attack, a number of civilians have also been injured”.

The Zionist regime fighters targeted the Iranian consulate building on Al-Mezeh Street in Damascus on Monday evening.

Hossein Akbari, Ambassador Iran has said in Damascus: “This building was attacked by F-35 fighters and 6 missiles.” The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps also said in a statement: “The planes of this fake regime are in a new crime.” The consulate building of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus was targeted by a missile attack, as a result of this crime, Generals Rashid, the defender of the shrine, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and Brigadier General Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, commanders, veterans and veterans of the holy defense and senior military advisors. Iran in Syria and 5 of their officers were martyred”.

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