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Iftar ceremony of the President of the United States was not completed!

Arab and Muslim figures left Joe Biden's Iftar event in protest against the Gaza war.

report Mehr News Agency, despite holding an Iftar ceremony at the White House hosted by the US President, Arab and Muslim personalities did not like Biden’s Iftar left.

Al-Jazeera, citing some sources, announced that a number of Arab and Muslim figures, including doctors who had returned from the Gaza Strip, broke the They left Biden.

These sources said that American Arab and Muslim figures asked Biden to stop any military operations. The Zionist army will take Rafah.

The said sources emphasized that Biden told them he would do everything to stop the killing of civilians. be taken in Gaza.

Joe Biden also invited these figures to a wider meeting at the White House to discuss and review their views. He invited them about the war in Gaza.

Al Jazeera stated that Taher Ahmed al-Madiqi, who returned from Gaza, a letter from a displaced child. The Palestinian in Rafah, who lost his family, gave it to Biden and his deputy.

This doctor left Biden Iftar and said he can’t while people are killed in Gaza It is possible to stay in such a ceremony.

The said sources said Biden informed the attendees that his position is to oppose any attack To Rafah regardless of the situation of the Palestinian refugees is clear.

Also, Bernie Sanders“, the American Democratic Senator, in response to the decision of Joe Biden, the President of the United States to send more weapons to the Zionist regime, than the President’s performance America had criticized. Bernie Sanders, the senior American senator wrote in his personal account on X social network: We cannot Beg Netanyahu to stop bombing civilians and send him thousands of bombs the next day.

Sanders once again noted: “We must end our complicity and this It is disgusting that we provide Israel with bombs that raze buildings to the ground.”

Contrary to the claims of the White House officials about the possible military attack of the Zionist regime on the Rafah region in South of Gaza, which could threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians, in recent days, White House officials have quietly agreed to allocate billions of dollars in military aid to Israel, which includes bombs and fighters.

In this regard, the American publication Washington Post announced last Friday that the Biden administration’s new military aid to Israel includes more than 1,800 2,000-pound so-called bombs. It has agreed to MK82 and 500 500 pound bombs.


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