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Anti-Zionist operation in occupied areas/ 4 policemen were injured

News sources have confirmed that at least 4 Israeli policemen were wounded as a result of the car chase operation.

report Mehr News Agency, according to the Palestine Information Center, at least 4 Israeli policemen were seriously injured as a result of a car chase operation.

Hebrew-language media announced that as a result of a car chase operation in the “Kokhav area Yair” in the southeast of Netanya, 4 Zionist policemen were injured.

The condition of two of the injured has been declared critical.

Israeli sources emphasized that the incident started when a person drove 4 policemen in the area Al-Taira was run over and fled towards the Eyal crossing, then the Israeli forces detained him there and when he tried to attack them with a cold weapon slowly, they shot at him.

These sources said that the details of this incident and its motive are currently under investigation.

Some sources from the testimony of the executioner of the martyrdom operation Talabaneh tonight near the settlement Kokhau Yayir announced.

Palestinian sources reported the continuation of repressive actions of the Zionist regime in the West Bank yesterday. These sources said: The Israeli army has arrested 40 people from last night until Tuesday morning, including children and former prisoners.

These arrests are the most important fixed and planned policy used by the occupying forces, if the policy Collective punishment is also one of the other tools that occupy a central position for the occupiers to target Palestinian citizens in the shadow of all-out aggression against the Palestinian nation and genocide in the Gaza Strip.


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