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Day 180 of Al-Aqsa storm Martyrdom of 196 aid workers in 6 months of war

The war in Gaza has completed its sixth month today, while the global atmosphere is still affected by the death of 7 employees of the charity organization "Global Central Hospital".
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the war in Gaza is six months old today and the Zionists are justifying The air attack on the employees of the charity organization “Ashparkhaneh Central Jahani” in the city of “Deir al-Balah”. The actual incident that happened on Tuesday and the international condemnations related to it continue.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced yesterday Tuesday that according to the latest statistics, 32,916 people were martyred and 75,494 others were injured in the attacks of the occupiers. have became. Also, 408 schools were destroyed or completely destroyed and 6050 students were martyred.

Netanyahu’s justifications for the attack on the charity workers in Gaza
Al-Arabi Al-Jadid He announced the possibility of a 3-day ceasefire in Gaza

In the political sector, Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced that the countries of Egypt and Qatar, as mediators, have clarified the latest proposal of Hamas.

Follow the most important developments of the 180th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

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Australian Prime Minister’s anger towards Netanyahu

Antony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, on Wednesday expressed his “anger” to his Zionist counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, after seven aid workers, including an Australian citizen, were killed in an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip.

Albanese said: “I made it very clear to Netanyahu that Australians are outraged by this tragedy”. > Channel 12 of the Sahivinist regime announced that the United States of America has rejected this regime’s plan to evacuate Palestinians from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. According to this channel, American officials, including Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan discussed alternative proposals for a ground attack on Rafah in a video call with Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and Internal Security Council Chairman Tzahi Hangbi on Monday evening.

4 Zionist soldiers were injured in a martyrdom operation

Network 12 of the Zionist regime reported that in an operation of attack by car and trampling near the settlement 4 Israeli policemen were injured in Kokhaf Yair in Qalqilya province in the West Bank. The condition of one of the soldiers is reported to be critical. The operator of the operation was also martyred.

According to Hebrew-language Channel 12, another person also got out of the car at the “Eliyahu” checkpoint and tried to attack the Zionist police force with a knife. He has been wounded by the shooting of Zionist soldiers. Guterres: 196 aid workers have been killed since the beginning of the war in Gaza. He condemned the staff of the organization “Central Kitchen of the World” as a result of the Zionist regime’s attack on the center of Gaza.

Guterres wrote on his personal page on the X social network: “The number of aid workers who have been killed as a result of this conflict has reached 196 cases. It turns out that more than 175 people were employees of the United Nations”.

The Zionist Army: The attack on the employees of the World Central Kitchen Organization was the result of a big mistake

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the occupying army, Herzi Hallowi, called the attack on the convoy of the “Global Central Kitchen” charity organization a big mistake in the shadow of the complicated war conditions at night. He claimed that the army failed to identify the employees. has made a big mistake.

This claim comes at a time when several officials of the occupying army told Haaretz newspaper that the vehicles of the Central Kitchen Organization were traveling on a route that was previously coordinated with the Israeli army.

American official: the attack on the convoy of the charity organization “Ashparkhaneh Global” was intentional

An American official told Politico newspaper: Israel attacked the employees of the charity organization “Ashparkhaneh Central” Jahani” was intentional because it was done by firing three rockets.

He added without revealing his identity: “We have no hope for Israel’s investigation, as it happened in the case of Shirin Abu Aqla’s murder, Israel will do everything until the current situation. This American official also said that Israel’s investigation regarding this incident will not be clear and flawless.

Biden claimed: 7 employees of the World Central Kitchen are angry and upset

The US President, in the first reaction to the air attack of the occupying regime, told the employees of the World Central Kitchen in Gaza: “Israel is doing enough to protect the aid workers who are trying They are trying to help the civilians in Gaza, it has not taken action.” He claimed that he is angry and saddened by this attack that killed 7 members of this institution.

Joe Biden claimed: I will continue to press Israel to do more to facilitate the entry of aid into Gaza.




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