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An unusual situation in Israel/from a suspicious explosion to the sound of an alarm

The occurrence of a terrible explosion in the occupied territories of Palestine and the sounding of the danger alarm have caused the Zionists to worry.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al-Mayadin, some Hebrew-speaking sources report a massive explosion in the occupied territories of Palestine.

It is said that this terrible explosion happened near one of the power transmission lines of the occupying Israeli regime between the settlements of Kafr Tholt and Azun It happened in the east of Qalqilya.

According to Hebrew sources, this explosion also occurred at a time when the occupying forces were stationed in the area. .

After this explosion, other areas of occupied Palestine have not been calm and it has been said that in the early hours of today, the alarm sirens in Kisofim sounded in the Gaza Strip. According to this report, the emergency sirens in Kisofim in the Gaza Strip after a rocket was fired towards this The area has been sounded.

Danger sirens sounded last night in parts of the southern regions of occupied Palestine due to the suspicion of drone penetration, and al-Mayadeen reported that the danger sirens were sounded on the border between Jordan and occupied Palestine. It has sounded out of fear of drone penetration. More details of this news are not available, but the recent attack by the Zionist regime on the diplomatic facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus, Syria, has caused the Zionists to worry about Iran’s next response, and therefore the concerns in the occupied areas about Iran’s possible response are increasing. /p>

On Monday, the 13th of April 1403, the F-35 fighters belonging to the Israeli Air Force entered the sky of the occupied Golan with six missiles guided by the consulate building and residence. They targeted the Iranian ambassador in Damascus. Despite the intensification of field measures to find the bodies of possible martyrs of this crime, the number of martyrs and 12 wounded people was announced. Among the martyrs of this incident, the name of Sardar Mohammad Zahedi, one of the commanders of IRGC Quds Force; His deputy, Sardar Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, Sardar Hossein Amirullah, the head of General Staff of the IRGC in Syrian affairs and Lebanon and Tenni are some of the Iranian advisers present in Syria.


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