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The wave of air, land and sea attacks against Gaza

The intensification of all-out attacks by the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip and the armed conflict of Palestinian youth with the aggressors in the West Bank are among the latest news related to Palestine.

Mehr News, International Group: media reports of the escalation of air, land and sea attacks by the Zionist regime against Different parts of the Gaza Strip are telling stories during the early hours of this Wednesday morning.

Intensification of Israeli air and ground attacks against Gaza

Al-Mayadeen network reporter reported that the artillery attacks of the Zionist regime resumed against different parts of the Gaza Strip, especially Khan Yunis, located in the south of this strip, this morning. .

In addition to this, the air strikes of the Zionist regime army against the Gaza Strip and the residential parts of this strip have also continued, so that the Zionist regime fighters have destroyed the western neighborhoods of the city of Khan Yunis, located in They targeted the south of this strip.

Palestinian Al-Yum network reporter also reported that the Zionist regime fighters heavily bombarded the areas around Nasser Hospital located in Khan Yunis.

موج حمله‌های هوایی، زمینی و دریایی علیه غزه

Shooting war boats towards residents of the Gaza Strip

Besides the air and ground attacks of the Zionist army against the Gaza Strip, the war boats of this regime also fired at the Palestinian citizens on the beach of the city of Rafah, located in the south of the Gaza Strip.

The coastal areas of Al-Nusirat camp and Deir al-Balah in the center of the Gaza Strip have also witnessed attacks by war boats of the Zionist regime.

Attack on the West Bank and arrest dozens of Palestinians

On the other hand, at the same time as the brutal attacks of the Zionist regime continue against different areas of the Gaza Strip, the successive aggressions of this regime’s soldiers continue in various cities of the West Bank.

Palestinian Ilyum network reported that the occupying forces attacked al-Fara’a camp located in Tubas during this morning.

These aggressor elements also attacked the city of Nablus and one of the buildings of Al-Maajin neighborhood in this city. The area of ​​Bitonia located in the west of Ramallah and the neighborhoods of Al Baloo and Al Masaif have also witnessed these early morning attacks by Zionist elements.

The occupying forces fired tear gas at the residents of this area during the attack on the Hazma area located in the north of occupied Jerusalem.

Zionist elements also attacked the neighborhood of Kafarsaba located in Qalqilyeh and stationed their snipers on the roofs of houses on the 16th street of Nablus.

Hussan area located in Bethlehem and Al-Masayun neighborhood in Ramallah also witnessed extensive attacks by the Zionist forces during this morning. The aggressors arrested dozens of Palestinians without justifiable reasons in the attack on various West Bank cities.

Zionist elements detonated a bomb inside the building under their siege on Ta’awun Street, Nablus.

موج حمله‌های هوایی، زمینی و دریایی علیه غزه

Armed conflict between Palestinian youth and aggressive elements in the West Bank

This is while the resistance forces stationed in the West Bank did not stand still and took action against the aggression of the Zionist regime in this area.

According to the Al-Mayadeen network, the resistance forces targeted the Zionist aggressors in the area of ​​Azzoun, located in the east of Qalqilya, during the attack on this area. These forces tried to prevent their advance in the east of Qalkalilia by throwing grenades at the Zionist soldiers.

Also, armed clashes between the occupying Zionist elements and the Palestinian forces took place around Al-Fara’ camp located in Tubas.

Palestinian youths living in Zabooba area, located west of Jenin, also clashed with Zionist aggressors during the attack on this area.

Media reports indicate that during the attack on the al-Arub camp located in the north of Hebron, the Zionist forces encountered the Palestinian forces standing in this area.

In addition to this, a conflict between Palestinian citizens and occupation forces was reported during the attack on Shuafat camp and Ras Khamis neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.



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