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Tel Aviv’s goals of attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Qasim Salman Al-Abudi, an Iraqi writer and analyst, attributed the terrorist attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria to the confusion of the Zionists in facing the resistance front.

Mehr News Agency, Intergroup International: Following the irreparable defeats of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian resistance, on the evening of Monday, April 13, 1403, in a new crime, this fake regime targeted the consulate building of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus with a missile attack. He said that as a result of this crime, the commander of the guard of the shrine, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, one of the commanders of the IRGC’s Quds Force, and a group of distinguished veterans and veterans of the Holy Defense and Iran’s senior military advisors in Syria were martyred.

Qassem Salman Al-Abudi, an Iraqi writer and analyst, in an interview with Mehr reporter He considered the terrorist attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria to be the result of the confusion of the Zionists in facing the resistance front and emphasized that the Zionists are seeking to escape the consequences of violating international laws due to the violation of the sovereignty of Iran and Syria.

Next you will read the text of this interview:

Yesterday, the Zionist regime targeted the Iranian consulate building in Damascus in a malicious attack. In your opinion, what are the most important goals of the Zionist regime from this terrorist act?

The Zionist occupation regime, in a desperate attempt to get out of the bottleneck in which the axis of the Islamic resistance had placed this regime, targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus in a situation where the region has a dangerous situation. gave In the first reading of the Zionist attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, we see that the Zionists were very confused and confused because the struggle that the Islamic resistance axis has undertaken in the depths of the occupied lands has caused the loss of reason and the correct decision of the Zionist regime.

Therefore, we believe that the purpose behind this attack on the Iranian consulate is to flee forward because there have been numerous attacks by the resistance axis from land and sea against the Zionist enemy. is.

After this Zionist attack, the Zionist regime announced that it targeted an Iranian military camp in Syria. What do you think is the purpose of making such statements?

From the statements of the officials of the Zionist regime, we understand to what extent the huge mental and psychological pressure that has been imposed on this deteriorating regime. They are trying to justify their heinous act and announced that we targeted an Iranian military camp in Damascus.

They are trying to escape from the consequences of violating the law of international law, but these efforts do not exempt the Zionist regime from the international consequences of this attack, because the Zionist regime sent the consulate of one of the countries A member of the United Nations has attacked. Also, attacking the territory of another country that is not in an open and declared war can be considered as declaring a state of war.

During the six months that have passed since the Gaza war, the Zionist regime has not achieved any of its goals in this war. Therefore, this regime has faced massive protests by Zionists inside the occupied territories. In your opinion, what is the relationship between this terrorist attack and Netanyahu’s failures?

Another goal of the Zionist attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria is to disrupt the focus of the Zionist public opinion, which came to the streets to overthrow the extreme right-wing Zionist government led by Netanyahu. Netanyahu is the one who has failed in managing the war with Hamas and Al-Qassam Brigades.

The tools of confronting the occupying regime have developed and Palestinian weapons have become a threat to the Zionists and humiliated the pride of the invincible army.

Therefore, Iran has always been accused by the Zionists that the development and progress of the Palestinian forces is only related to Iran, because Iran clearly declares its support for the Palestinian nation and the last Iran’s support before this terrorist attack was the Islamic Republic’s welcome to the heads of Palestinian groups who are fighting against the Zionist occupation.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war, the Zionist regime has carried out numerous attacks on the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region in order to turn Iran into a Fight directly. Do you think this regime will succeed in achieving this goal?

We believe that the main goal of the terrorist attack of the Zionist regime was to bring the Islamic Republic to a direct military confrontation in order to gain international support from the invaders. We believe that Iran’s reaction will not be in line with the spirit of the Zionists. Iran will respond to this terrorist operation at the right time and place and according to the nature of the confrontation.


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