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Reuters: Washington may lift LNG export ban to help Ukraine

Reuters reported that the US administration may lift the ban on LNG exports in order to reach an agreement in Congress to send military aid to Ukraine.

US authorities may lift a ban on liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports previously imposed by US President Joe Biden. Reuters reported that Washington may take this step to reach an agreement on the aid package for Ukraine in Congress.

One of the news agency’s sources noted that the US government may decide to lift the ban, partly due to the fact that it has no restrictions on gas exports in the near future. Officials, as noted, are awaiting a final congressional proposal on aid to Ukraine before deciding whether to lift the LNG ban.

On March 22, officials from 16 US states filed a lawsuit against Biden’s decision to suspend LNG exports. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said this decision of the US President may lead to the collapse of the US labor market.

House Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise said Biden’s decision to stop US LNG exports is in Russia’s hands. According to Scalise, the White House chief’s actions will increase the cost of living for ordinary families who are already tired of it.

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