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7.5 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan left 4 dead

So far, 4 people have been killed and 711 people have been injured as a result of a 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan.
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, this morning On Wednesday, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 on the seabed shook the eastern coast of Taiwan and caused severe damage to buildings and roads. According to the official authorities of Taiwan, 4 people have died as a result of this. The earthquake killed and injured 711 people.

As ​​a result of this earthquake, train services have been suspended throughout the island of 23 million people.

p style=”text-align:justify”>Taiwanese authorities said they only expected a relatively mild earthquake of magnitude 4 on the Richter scale and had not issued a warning accordingly.

This earthquake, which was unprecedented on the island in at least 25 years, also triggered early tsunami warnings in southern Japan and the Philippines.

The worst earthquake in recent years Taiwan on September 21, 1999 with a magnitude of 7.7, killing 2,400 people, injuring about 100,000 and destroying thousands of buildings.

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