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Missile attacks from Lebanon on the positions of the Zionist army in Galilee

News sources reported this morning (Wednesday) that several rockets were fired from Lebanon to the north of the occupied territories.

Al Jazeera network reported about this: Danger sirens have sounded in the areas of “Zariit”, “Natou”, “Fasuta”, “Shumira” and “Shtula” in the Upper Galilee. In this attack, 6 rockets were launched towards the bases of the Israeli army in the Upper Galilee and in the vicinity of the town of “Eita al-Shaab”.

In this regard, Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper also reported targeting the town of Eita al-Shaab in Lebanon with mortars containing phosphorus.

The border strip of Lebanon and the north of the occupied Palestinian territories has witnessed an escalation of tension in recent days, and at the same time, the authorities of the Zionist regime have threatened to carry out large-scale attacks on Lebanon.

These conflicts intensified following the attacks of the Zionist regime on civilians in Lebanon and in the face of Hezbollah’s heavy rocket attacks on the positions and bases of the Zionist regime.

One day after the invasion of the Gaza Strip by the occupying regime on the 7th of October, the Lebanese Hezbollah was the first party in the axis of resistance to officially join the Palestinian operation of Al-Aqsa Storm by carrying out attacks on the north of the occupied Palestine, and after that the borders of Lebanon and The occupied territories of Palestine have become the scene of exchange of fire between the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Zionist army on a daily and almost 24-hour basis.

Hebrew media reported that since the beginning of the battle of al-Aqsa storm and the firing of rockets from southern Lebanon, several Zionist officers and soldiers have been killed and dozens of their military bases have been targeted by Hezbollah, and for this reason, the hardline cabinet of “Benyamin Netanyahu” was forced to evacuate. Thousands of settlers were occupied from the north of Palestine and some of the settlers themselves fled from the region.

Recently, the Hebrew media revealed that these Zionist settlers are not willing to return to their homes and say that Netanyahu’s cabinet did not care about their fate and abandoned them.

Source: ISNA

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