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“Haaretz” doubts about the power of the Zionist army to win

A Zionist newspaper acknowledged the power of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip by referring to Netanyahu's pointless words about the necessity of attacking the city of Rafah.

report Mehr News Agency According to Al-Mayadin, the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz published a report mocking the words of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the destruction of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

It is stated in this report that Netanyahu claimed that the attack on the city of Rafah is very necessary to achieve this goal.

In the rest of this report, it is emphasized: After Netanyahu’s alleged attack on the city of Rafah and the mass killing in this area, the Hamas movement will have 4,000 to 5,000 forces. And these numbers are a permanent threat to any military force that will remain in the Gaza Strip.

Haaretz also wrote: In this case, the situation in the Gaza Strip will at best be like the situation in the West Bank for Israel, so that it is enough for a Palestinian force to have weapons in hand. or a young man carries a knife with him so that our security will be shaken.

At the end, this newspaper raised this question: What is the price that Israel must pay for carrying out operations against the city of Rafah?

Previously, the American intelligence services had admitted in a joint report in March that the Hamas movement may be able to resist for several years despite the continuation of the war in the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, in addition to the consequences of the brutal attack on the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu is also struggling with the protest demonstrations of the Zionist settlers in the occupied territories.

According to the reports published last night, the Zionist settlers once again demonstrated in protest against the current cabinet of the Zionist regime led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This protest demonstration was held against the Knesset of the Zionist regime, and during it the settlers demanded early elections in the occupied territories.

In addition to this, the Zionists demanded a prisoner exchange agreement between the Zionist regime and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.


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