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Sobhani: Human rights are a bitter joke for the supporters of the Israeli regime

Iran's ambassador to Armenia said at the funeral ceremony of the martyrs of the attack of the Zionist regime in the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus: the issue of human rights is a bitter joke for the Western supporters of the Zionist regime.
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according to the foreign policy group Tasnim news agency, at the same time On the third night of the martyrdom of Mouli Al-Mohadin Amirul Momineen Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) and the third night of Qadr, with the efforts of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Yerevan, the funeral ceremony of the precious martyrs of the Zionist regime’s attack on the residence and consular section of our country’s embassy in Damascus was held at the Blue Mosque in Yerevan.

In this ceremony, which was held in the presence of believers and Iranians living in Armenia and agents of the regime, Mehdi Sobhani, our country’s ambassador to Armenia, while honoring the memory of the martyrs of this cowardly act of the Zionist regime, said that The Zionist regime is stuck in the stalemate in Gaza and has not achieved anything after months of brutally killing the innocent people of Gaza, and now it is committing any crime to get itself out of the fight.

Ambassador Our country criticized the hypocritical position of the Westerners towards the anti-humanitarian actions and contrary to the international laws and standards of the Zionist regime and said that the issue of human rights is a bitter joke for the Western supporters of the Zionist regime.

Sabhani also pointed out that the Islamic Republic has always punished its enemies in a timely manner and emphasized that this time it will punish the usurper regime severely at the appropriate time and place.

While expressing his condolences for the martyrdom of Generals Rashid Islam, he wished patience and health to their families and survivors.

Condemnation of the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in the Security Council meeting
The Security Council should fulfill its duties regarding Israel’s defiance

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