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Deep differences between the US and the Zionist regime regarding the attack on Rafah

An American media revealed the deep differences between this country and the Zionist regime regarding the attack on the city of Rafah.

report Mehr News Agency, the American website Axios, quoting knowledgeable sources, reported that there are deep and wide differences between the United States and the Zionist regime regarding the operation of this regime in the city of Rafah, and these differences in the virtual meeting The officials of the two sides have been quite evident.

These sources added that during the said meeting, the American side warned the Zionist side that they considered the ground operation in Rafah city to be simple.

American officials stated that the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip over the past six months has made it impossible for the Zionist army to carry out operations in the city of Rafah without harming civilians. He trusted.

In this meeting, while the American side mentioned the international reports about the famine in the Gaza Strip, the Zionists brazenly announced that with the fact that Gaza It is on the verge of famine, they don’t agree!

The American side emphasized that erasing the face of the problem will not help the Zionist regime.

At the same time, the Hebrew-language Haaretz newspaper published a report mocking the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the destruction of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

It is stated in this report that Netanyahu claimed that the attack on the city of Rafah is very necessary to achieve this goal.

In the rest of this report, it is emphasized: After Netanyahu’s alleged attack on the city of Rafah and the mass killing in this area, the Hamas movement will have 4,000 to 5,000 forces. And these numbers are a permanent threat to any military force that will remain in the Gaza Strip.


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