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Gaza war damages according to shocking statistics

Two international organizations have assessed some of the damages of the Gaza war and presented shocking statistics. Only collecting 26 million tons of debris from this war will take years.

report Mehr News Agency, according to the online newspaper Rai Elyoum, a joint report published by the World Bank and the United Nations to assess the damage caused to the buildings and critical infrastructure in Gaza following the aggression of the Zionist regime to The region paid and estimated these damages to be 18.5 billion dollars, which is 97% of the total gross domestic product of Gaza and the West Bank in 2022.

The World Bank considered its report to be an interim remote assessment of the damage and emphasized that the report shows the damage caused to Gaza’s infrastructure in critical parts of Gaza between October and Checked at the end of January.

According to this report, the set of damages caused to infrastructure facilities has an impact on all economic sectors and residential houses constitute 72% of these damages. Destruction of public service infrastructures such as water supply and health and education networks includes about 19% of these damages, and damages to commercial and industrial buildings also include 9% of this cost.

This international body emphasizes that the Zionist regime’s attack on Gaza has created a huge amount of debris and destruction, which is estimated at 26 million tons, and removing They need years.

This report adds that the war in Gaza has put more than half of the people of this country on the brink of starvation, and all residents of the Gaza Strip suffer from severe food insecurity and malnutrition. . About one million Palestinians living in Gaza have no shelter and 75% of them have been subjected to forced displacement.

According to this report, women, children, elderly and disabled people have suffered the most physical, psychological and mental injuries as a result of this war, and it is possible that The process of war has an impact on the physical and mental development of children.

According to this international report, 84 percent of hospitals and health facilities in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed, and the rest of the centers are not working properly due to lack of electricity or water. In this way, the residents of Gaza have the lowest level of health and pharmaceutical care and medical services.

The water and sewage system in Gaza has almost collapsed and can only provide 5% of its former services. This issue has caused the residents of Gaza to have access to very small amounts of water, which they use only to survive. 100% of the education sector in Gaza has also been closed.

The World Bank and the United Nations add in their report that electricity was cut off almost completely from the first week of the war, and with the destruction or failure of 92% of The destruction of the main transportation routes and the destruction of the communication infrastructure has made it very difficult to deliver humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.


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