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Head of Shabak: Last night’s demonstration was worrying

The head of Shabak of the Zionist regime emphasized that last night's demonstrations in Quds and Tel Aviv are worrying and will probably lead to a dangerous situation.

Ronen Bar, the head of the Zionist internal security agency (Shabak), said: Last night’s demonstrations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are worrying and will probably lead to a dangerous situation. There is a difference between legal protests and illegal violent protests that harm public security.

Yediot Aharonot newspaper wrote: Ronen Bar went to Netanyahu’s house in Jerusalem on Tuesday after some protesters crossed the barriers around Netanyahu’s house and said that this situation is worrying and takes Israel to a dangerous place.

In this regard, Zionist Minister Amihai Eliyahu called for the dismissal of the head of Shabak and said: The person who failed in the October 7 security disaster and allowed the security barriers around the Prime Minister’s house to be broken should be dismissed.

An official in Shabak also told Haaretz newspaper: Yesterday’s protests in Jerusalem near Netanyahu’s house crossed all red lines. The protests could lead to shootings against the protesters.

Tuesday, for the second day in a row, the streets of Quds and Tel Aviv witnessed massive demonstrations by tens of thousands of Israelis who wanted to overthrow Netanyahu and increase efforts to negotiate a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas.

Channel 13 of the Zionist regime TV reported that thousands of Zionists demonstrated in front of the Knesset (Parliament of the Zionist regime) in Jerusalem on Tuesday night against the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu.

They wanted to dismiss Netanyahu’s cabinet, hold early elections and sign an agreement on the exchange of prisoners between Hamas and the Zionist regime.

Also, families of Zionist prisoners protested inside the Knesset holding placards and pictures of their prisoners.

One of the Knesset representatives also blamed Netanyahu for all the recent events, held up the poster “You were the leader, you are to blame” and was expelled from the Knesset tribune.

Israeli army radio reported that the police and families of Israeli prisoners clashed in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

The demonstrators crossed the barriers of the Zionist police and surrounded Netanyahu’s house in occupied Jerusalem. They broke the fence of the Prime Minister’s house. The Zionist police arrested five people in this demonstration.

In this regard, Itamar Ben Gower, the Minister of Internal Security of the Zionist regime, considered the influx of thousands of Zionists around Netanyahu’s house and the Shabak service’s ignoring this incident unacceptable, and said last week that he had warned Shabak about ignoring Netanyahu’s security. had given, but Shabak had denied the existence of a threat against the prime minister.

Zionist settlers have been demanding the dismissal of Netanyahu’s cabinet and reaching an agreement on the exchange of prisoners by holding continuous demonstrations for a long time.

Source: ISNA

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