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Habilian Foundation’s statement following the attack on the Iranian consular department

In a statement, the families of the martyrs of the country's terror, while condemning the aggression of the Zionist regime on the Iranian consular section in Damascus, asked the international community to show a practical reaction.
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According to the foreign policy group Tasnim news agency, following yesterday’s terrorist attack by the Zionist criminal regime on the Iranian consular building in the city of Damascus, the Habilian Foundation (the families of the country’s terror martyrs) issued a statement.

The text of the statement of the families of the martyrs of the country’s terror is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful

Once again, the dirty and bloody hands of the brutal and occupying Zionist regime, whose criminal hands have committed the most shameful crimes against the children and homeless citizens of Gaza since six months ago, and still in the shadow of the inaction of the international community. And the support of some countries, America at the head of them, continues its painful genocide, it became a new crime against the children of the Iranian nation.

Terrorist crime Yesterday, the Zionist regime attacked one of the diplomatic centers and targeted the Iranian consulate in Syria and martyred several of the country’s military advisors, ignoring all international agreements and treaties in support of diplomatic delegations by a rebellious regime. A regime that by ignoring the resolutions of the Security Council, attacking the diplomatic centers of Iran and the United Nations, ignoring the approvals of the Court of Justice and ignoring the request of the international community in the necessity of providing aid to the people of Gaza, showed that expecting it to comply with moral principles and laws is an expectation. It is inappropriate.

Therefore, we believe that the international community should seriously react to the hostile behavior of this lawless, immoral and anti-human regime. to show What is worrying is the constant support of the United States of America to this regime; in a way that makes Washington a partner in its anti-human rights and terrorist actions. Their families, the supreme leader of the revolution and the tolerant people, while strongly condemning the terrorist attack of the occupying regime on the diplomatic center of our country in Damascus, demand an appropriate and quick response from the authorities of our country to this criminal act, to prevent the repetition of such similar actions by the Zionist apartheid regime.

Walsalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

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