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Russia asked the United Nations to condemn the interference in the elections

By issuing a statement, Russia asked the United Nations to condemn the actions of Ukraine and the West to interfere in the country's elections and attack border polling centers.

The Russian Federation Council on Wednesday sent a request to the United Nations (UN), the international community and parliaments around the world to stop what it sees as attempts to oppose the election results. Condemn the recent presidency in this country and Ukraine’s efforts with the help of the West and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to disrupt the voting process.

The council stressed in its note that these parties “also” tried to promote “terrorism and extremism to destabilize the situation in Russia during the election campaign”.

Ukrainian armed groups fired at polling stations in Russia’s border regions and actively used drones carrying explosives against polling stations during the election period, and attempted armed breakthroughs in Kursk and Belgorod territories. As a result of these criminal acts, civilians including children were killed.

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