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The UN is concerned about the lack of funds requested for Afghanistan

The Deputy of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations Mission in Kabul (UNAMA) announced that only 6% of the requested budget has been provided for Afghanistan.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, Andrika Ratot, the deputy of humanitarian affairs of the UN delegation In Kabul, he stated that the small budget of the international community to continue providing aid to Afghanistan is worrying. He added that only 6% of the 3.06 billion budget needed for Afghanistan has been provided by the international community. This UN official said that fundamental interaction and meaningful dialogue with the Taliban authorities is important to move towards the geopolitical landscape of Afghanistan. Due to budget cuts, the organization was forced to stop food aid to 18 million Afghans and cut aid to another 3.4 million by half.

Aid cuts and three million children suffering from malnutrition in Afghanistan
International organizations: reduction of aid in Afghanistan causes poverty and disruption in aid delivery
Human Rights Watch: The reduction of foreign aid has faced a crisis in Afghanistan’s health system

The World Food Program also in August last year Due to the lack of funds, it was forced to end the process of distributing food and non-food aid to 10 million people in need. The United Nations has called for more than three billion dollars to continue humanitarian programs in Afghanistan in 2024.

According to the United Nations humanitarian assistance plan in 2024, more than half of the population of Afghanistan will need humanitarian assistance in some way.

The United Nations emphasized that at least 17.3 million people in Afghanistan are vulnerable The most acceptable people, including disabled people, are covered by aid.

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