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America’s warning about the possibility of declaring the third famine of the century in Gaza

The National Security Advisor of the White House has warned in a meeting with Israeli officials about the possibility of declaring the third famine of the 21st century in Gaza.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Jake Sullivan”, the national security adviser of the White House The Israeli parties have warned that the “Integrated Food Security Classification” (IPC) organization may soon declare a famine in Gaza. There has been a discussion about the possible operation of the Israeli army in Rafah, which the Axios base, quoting three sources, mentioned in detail today.

Two sources cited by Axios say that Jake Sullivan has warned the Israeli parties that if the IPC declares a famine in Gaza, it will be the third famine declared in the 21st century. “This would be bad for both America and Israel,” said one of the two sources, “Sullivan warned.” Somalia and declared a state of famine in South Sudan in 2017.

According to two sources, the Israelis disagreed with Sullivan’s comments and said they did not agree that Gaza was on the brink of famine. They have claimed that the IDF has the best information about the situation in Gaza and that other estimates are based on false information.

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According to Axios, the American side told the Israelis that they are the only party in the world who claim that Gaza is not on the brink of famine.

This meeting lasted two and a half hours and was held after which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vetoed the decision of the United States not to veto the UN Security Council resolution regarding the ceasefire in Gaza. Jake Sullivan and Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, led the American delegation in these talks. were responsible On behalf of Israel, “Ron Dermer”, the Minister of Strategic Affairs, and “Zachie Hongbi”, Israel’s National Security Adviser, were present in this meeting.

A large part of the discussions between the two sides focused on how to evacuate more than 1 million Palestinians. who have taken refuge in this city in the southernmost point of the Gaza Strip.

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