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The paralysis of the construction sector of the Zionist regime and the failure to attract workers

Zionist regime media acknowledged Tel Aviv's failure to find replacements for Palestinian workers.

report Mehr News Agency According to Shahab news agency, the media of the Zionist regime acknowledged the failure of Tel Aviv to find replacements for Palestinian workers.

The Zionist media Calcalist admitted that Tel Aviv has failed to replace West Bank workers in the past six months.

This media reported: Israel has only recruited 1,100 workers for the crippled construction sector, while 80,000 workers are needed in this sector.

The said media stressed that the efforts of the Zionist regime to attract workers from Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and India have been unsuccessful.

According to Reuters, this issue deprived about 200,000 Palestinian workers of a good income and caused construction workshops to stop in the occupied territories.

Before the Gaza war, thousands of Palestinian workers entered occupied Palestine every day from the West Bank and Gaza to work and returned home at night. The West Bank with a population of 3 million people is under the military occupation of the Zionist army.


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