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The great challenge of the German police in securing the European Championship

The head of the Federal Police Union of Germany considered the security of the European football championship this summer to be a big challenge for his forces and announced the lack of personnel, especially in border security.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Germany’s Tagus Spiegel wrote in an article: Police The German federal government is facing major challenges regarding border security. Andreas Roskov from the German Federal Police Union warns that this institution has reached its limits in terms of personnel”. The European football championship is considered a possible target of attacks from mid-June, authorities are planning to counter terrorism.

The European championship matches between June 14 and July 14 in the stadiums of ten major cities in Germany, including Berlin will be held. The head of the German Federal Police Union (GdP), Andreas Roskov, told Tagus Spiegel: “The Federal Police will put a ban on leave for the troops for the European Championship.”

Roscoff expects the German Federal Police to take on more checks, particularly at the borders of the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.Federal Interior Minister Nancy Pfizer had announced that checks would be implemented in all neighboring countries shortly before the tournament. .

These inspections and the tightening of controls at Germany’s external borders, which focus on radical Islamists and hooligans, bring an additional burden to the German Federal Police. Roskov complains that the federal police lack the equipment for mobile checkpoints. He added: “In general, we are reaching our limits in terms of personnel.

Pfizer has already said that the security of the European Championship in Germany is a “top priority”. The German Interior Minister also stated that the same applies to the Summer Olympics in France. The Olympic Games will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11.

The German Interior Minister said that due to the consecutiveness of the two important sports events, he and French Interior Minister Gérald Daronin emphasized “close cooperation” between security institutions. They agreed. The German Interior Minister explained: German police forces will be stationed at the Paris Olympics and French police at the European Championships in Germany.

Despite the close cooperation of the security authorities of the two countries, after the ISIS terrorist attack on the concert hall in The Moscow suburb, where more than 140 people were killed, had mixed reactions in Germany and France. Germany’s interior minister said after the terrorist incident: “The risk of extreme terrorist attacks in Germany remains “acute”. /p>

The aftermath of the terrorist attack also included plans for the German Federal Police to be involved in securing Germany’s home at the Paris Rugby Stadium – a meeting place for German athletes – during the Olympics. Pfizer and its French counterpart Daronin had already reached an agreement on this in the middle of last month when the German minister attended the Paris cabinet meeting. supports the Olympics. According to the information of the Paris Ministry of Interior, France had previously asked 46 countries to send 2,185 police officers at the beginning of this year. It is France-Germany (DFEE) in which the teams of both countries cooperate. The DFEE consists of officers from the French National Gendarmerie and the German Federal Police.

Pfizer also announced that security agencies are also being armed against potential cyber attacks. Recently, Claudia Plattner, head of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), warned of dangerous gaps in Germany’s defenses against large-scale hacking attacks. Plattner told Tagus Spiegel: “Until now, there is no joint situation report from the federal and state governments and no structure that guarantees the ability to coordinate in such a crisis.

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