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The Human Rights Council is preparing to approve the resolution of the arms embargo on Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council is scheduled to vote on a draft resolution calling for an arms embargo on Israel on Friday.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the United Nations Human Rights Council will review the draft on Friday. will pass a resolution calling for arms embargoes against Israel, considering the “danger of genocide in Gaza”. Analysts have said in an interview with AFP that if the said resolution is approved, the Human Rights Council as the highest human rights body For the first time, Bushra has announced his position in the United Nations regarding the devastating war in Gaza.

In the text of the said resolution, “the use of explosive weapons with widespread effects” in the densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip by Israel was condemned and this regime was asked to “adhere to its legal obligations to prevent genocide” in Gaza.

The text of this resolution was presented to this council on behalf of 55 countries out of 56 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (without the participation of Albania). Bolivia, Cuba and the representative of the Palestinian Authority in Geneva are also supporters of this draft.

Furthermore, in the text of this 8-page draft, the Israeli regime is asked to end the occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories and immediately end the “illegal siege” in the Gaza Strip. and to abandon all other types of “collective punishment”. class=”markup-container readmore-container”>The sad story of the hungry and displaced children of Gaza who are left alone

American warning about the possibility of declaring the third famine of the century in Gaza
18.5 billion dollars; The damage of 4 months of brutality of the Zionists in Gaza “/>


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