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Increasing pressure on Netanyahu following the attack on foreign aid workers

After the attack on foreign aid workers who were citizens of England, America, Canada and Australia, Tel Aviv has been under pressure from its allies.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, has faced growing international anger after a convoy of foreign aid workers was targeted in Gaza and 7 of them were killed, and he has been under pressure from his key allies.

According to Sputnik, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak, in a phone call with Netanyahu, demanded a “complete and independent investigation into what happened”. On the other hand, British Foreign Minister David Cameron called this incident “unacceptable” and said that Israel should immediately explain how this happened.

England also summoned the ambassador of the Zionist regime in London yesterday.

On the other hand, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described the death of the rescuer, who was a citizen of this country, as a “tragedy” that “should never have happened”. He also demanded full accountability from the Zionist regime regarding the death of the Australian aid worker.

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong also stressed that the death of any aid worker is “cruel and unacceptable”, and said that Canberra is seeking “full accountability” from Israel for this incident.

Likewise, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for accountability and a full investigation into the airstrike and warned that the attack on aid workers was “completely unacceptable”.

US President Joe Biden, who has always shown his support for Netanyahu, said in response to this incident that he was “angry and heartbroken” and that Israel did not adequately protect the lives of civilians.

Seven aid workers of a humanitarian organization named “World Central Kitchen” died in an airstrike in Gaza on Monday. These aid workers were foreign and had Australian, English, Polish and American-Canadian nationality. The head of this charity, which played an important role in distributing food during the Gaza war, while announcing the suspension of the organization’s activities in Gaza, said that the Zionist regime uses food as a “weapon of war”.

In a video message, the Chief of Staff of the occupying army, Herzi Halavi, admitted that Tel Aviv committed a “big mistake” with this airstrike and claimed that an independent body will investigate the incident.

The United Nations says that during the six months of the Gaza war, more than 200 aid workers have lost their lives, and more than 175 of them were employees of this organization.

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