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Iran’s ambassador to Syria: The United Nations should defend its credibility

Regarding the expectations of the United Nations to deal with the Zionist regime, Iran's ambassador to Syria said: The United Nations must defend its credibility, and if it does not defend, its credibility and the countries of the United Nations will be damaged.
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According to foreign policy reporter Tasnim News Agency, Hossein Akbari, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria today, Wednesday, among the journalists in In front of the Iranian embassy in Damascus regarding the recent crime committed by the Zionist regime against the Iranian consular department, he said: The nature of the Zionist regime has been based on terror from the beginning. This type of crime that has been committed recently is unprecedented in the world and it is a crime that violated international laws and treaties, especially the Vienna Treaty, before insulting Iran and Syria.

He added: The crimes committed by the regime during the past 6 months are all kinds of human crimes against the oppressed people of Gaza, and in this latest crime, it has also violated international laws.

The Iranian ambassador continued: The presence of these martyrs, whom we call Al-Aqsa martyrs, is an honor for all those who move on the path of truth. Definitely, these martyrs strengthen our will to fight and destroy this regime. It will definitely make the relations between the countries of the axis of resistance, especially Iran and Syria, stronger and wider. It will be reserved for us.

He thanked all the countries of the world that supported in this case and admitted the fact that the regime violated the diplomatic places, he stated He said: We know that in today’s world, many big countries that are under the pressure of the Zionist regime, despite knowing the truth, they do not confess.

The Iranian ambassador also said: Iran and Syria realized the true nature of this regime 50 years ago and today the whole world is realizing this truth. The United Nations must defend its reputation and if it does not defend it, the reputation of the United Nations and the countries of the United Nations will be damaged.

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