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Al-Kaabi: The Iraqi resistance operation against the Zionist enemy continues

In a statement, the Secretary General of the Najaba Movement of Iraq emphasized that the operations of the resistance groups of this country against the Zionist enemy will continue.

Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi, Secretary General of the Iraqi Noble Movement, said in a ceremony called “Al-Quds Pulpit”: We stand by our brothers in Gaza and emphasize that our operations against the Zionist enemy continue.

He said: Iraqi resistance is an essential part of the axis of resistance, and our participation in supporting the Palestinian people in Al-Aqsa storm is based on certainty. The Iraqi resistance continues to target enemy positions in the occupied Palestinian territory and to cleanse Iraq of the invaders.

Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi pointed out: The use of a limited part of the resistance power of the Hemene and the domination of America and Israel was challenged, while they used all their power against the women and children of Gaza, but they could not make them submit to themselves. . America sent more than 30,000 tons of aid to the Zionist regime and is a partner in this regime’s barbaric crimes.

The Secretary General of the Najaba Movement also emphasized that the resistance of Iraq and the resistance of Lebanon and Yemen will stand by the Palestinian resistance until the end.

Source: ISNA

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