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Al-Nakhale: We will not forget Iran’s support

The secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement praised Iran's aid to the resistance and criticized the position of the Arab countries towards Israel's crimes.

Ziyad al-Nakhleh, the secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, emphasized in a statement today that Gaza will remain stable with its people and its resistance, it will be stable and it will win.

According to Al-Mayadin report, Al-Nakhleh said: World Quds Day will be a turning point where we will strengthen the unity of people and fighters and our goals.

He said: We will keep in mind the historical role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in supporting and helping the resistance and we praise this support.

Al-Nakhleh pointed out that the Battle of al-Aqsa created a difference between the countries, and continued: We are still in the middle of the battle and we all must do everything we can to support Palestine.

He said: We must strongly strengthen the unity of the resistance and unity in the field in order to deal with the project of dividing the region in favor of the Zionist project. We ask our Arab brothers to treat us as they treat Israel, because everything this regime needs comes from countries that deny us everything.

The Secretary General of Islamic Jihad added: Despite the siege and hunger, we realized that our Arab and Muslim brothers cannot provide even a sip of water to the thirsty Palestinians.

Ziyad Al-Nakhleh said at the end: The people of Gaza are standing with legendary steadfastness against the evil forces, including the occupying regime, America and its allies.

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