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A drone attack against militias supporting the Sudanese army killed 12

As a result of the attack on the base of militias supporting the Sudanese army, dozens of people were killed and injured.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Xinhua, in the drone attack More than 40 people were killed and injured in eastern Sudan.

A drone attack on the city of “ Atbara” left at least 12 dead and 30 injured in eastern Sudan.

This attack took place on the base of the militia group Bara, which is a supporter of the Sudanese army. . The perpetrator of the attack and the identity of the dead have not been announced.

It should be said that since April 15, 2023, the Sudanese army under the command of General Abdul Fattah al-Barhan and the rapid support forces of this country under the command General Hamidti clashed with each other.

As a result of these conflicts, 13,900 Sudanese lost their lives and about 8 million others They have also been displaced from their homes, which is the largest displacement among the countries of the world.


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