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Mujahid: The threat of ISIS in Afghanistan is magnified

The spokesman of the Taliban government once again announced that the threat of the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan is exaggerated.
– International News – Tasnim News, “Zabihullah Mujahid”, the spokesperson of the Taliban government, announced that the ISIS terrorist group is not a phenomenon capable of creating problems for Afghanistan.

He added that some exaggerate and advertise the threats of ISIS.

In an audio file that was made available to the media, Mujahid emphasized that ISIS has been suppressed by the current Afghan government in recent years.

“West”: ISIS attacks in Afghanistan have decreased

Haqqani: ISIS threat in Afghanistan is not a concern
Moscow: ISIS’s goal in Afghanistan is to weaken the stability of Central Asia

Speaker Earlier, the Taliban government had responded to the statements of US Senator Lindsey Graham and said that ISIS had been defeated in Afghanistan. Graham had emphasized that following the increasing concerns about the activities of ISIS, the positions of this terrorist group in Afghanistan should be attacked.

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