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Sunak: The situation in Gaza is unbearable

British Prime Minister described the current situation in Gaza as unbearable.

After America, England is considered the biggest supporter of the Israeli regime; So that the hated Balfour Declaration, which was published by the foreign minister of this country in 1917, is considered the main foundation of the hated Zionist regime. However, the limitless crimes committed by the Zionists in Gaza finally prompted the London authorities to show restraint.

According to Al Jazeera, the British government published new details of the talks between British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak and his Zionist counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The statement of the British government says: In this conversation, Sunak expressed his surprise at the attack on international aid workers in Gaza, during which 3 British citizens were killed.

Sunak pointed out in this telephone conversation: a large number of aid workers and innocent civilians lost their lives during the operation of the Israeli army in Gaza. The situation is now unbearable. Britain expects Israel to take immediate steps to lift restrictions on the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The British Prime Minister emphasizes: Israel must also end tensions with the United Nations and aid agencies and protect the lives of civilian citizens. We call on Tel Aviv to restore critical infrastructure such as hospitals and the Gaza water supply network.

However, Rishi Sunak, like all British politicians, in the end supported Israel’s right to defend itself and destroy the Hamas movement, but emphasized that this should not lead to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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