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UNRWA: Israel still does not allow food to be sent to northern Gaza

UNRWA once again criticized the Zionist regime for preventing the distribution of humanitarian aid in northern Gaza.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians known as UNRWA is considered the largest relief organization in the Gaza Strip. However, the Zionist regime is limiting the activities of aid workers in this area with the aim of intensifying the pressure on civilians. UNRWA is now at the peak of Zionist hatred.

According to Al Jazeera, UNRWA announced today (Wednesday) that Israel still does not allow UNRWA to send humanitarian and food aid to northern Gaza; Where famine has prevailed over the people.

This statement adds: The amount of aid entering Gaza is still less than the required amount, so that since March, an average of 161 trucks have entered the Gaza strip daily, which is obviously less than the targeted 500 trucks.

UNRWA, referring to the savagery of the Zionist regime against aid workers and especially this agency, pointed out: Unfortunately, we have witnessed the death of 3 more members of UNRWA in the new wave of Israeli crimes. In this way, the number of UNRWA martyrs reached 176 people since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 7th.

Before this, Anera, the largest organization active in the field of humanitarian aid in Gaza after UNRWA, announced yesterday that it is suspending its activities in this field due to the Israeli attack on aid workers.

Also, the United Arab Emirates announced the suspension of sending naval aid to Gaza due to the lack of security for aid workers in this strait.

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