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Conducting investigations by the Polish Prosecutor’s Office about the killing of this country’s aid worker in Gaza

The Polish Prosecutor's Office has started its investigation into the killing of this country's aid worker in Gaza by the Israeli regime.

On Monday, the Zionist regime attacked a vehicle carrying aid workers in Gaza, killing 7 international aid workers. Although Western authorities have remained silent in the face of the killing of 33,000 civilians, the deaths of these aid workers, who had American, Canadian and other European countries, have forced them to take a stand.

According to Al Jazeera, the Polish prosecutor announced the beginning of an independent investigation into the killing of Damian Sobol, a rescue worker from this country in Gaza.

Damian Sobol was one of the 7 international aid workers who died during the air operation of the Zionist regime in Gaza. The Prime Minister of Poland says that the killing of this Polish citizen has put relations with Tel Aviv to a difficult test.

The Zionist regime considered the occurrence of this incident to be a mistake.

Meanwhile, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly, whose one of her citizens died in this attack by the Israeli regime, called for a complete and transparent investigation into this incident. He emphasized on the sidelines of the NATO meeting: Israel needs to respect international laws.

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