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We do not know about the use of our weapons against Gaza aid workers!

The National Security Communications Advisor of the White House avoided accepting US complicity with the Zionist regime in the attack on international aid workers in Gaza.

report Mehr News Agency According to Reuters, the White House claimed to be unaware of the use of its weapons in an attack on the convoy of an international relief organization.

John Kirby, the National Security Communications Advisor of the White House, claimed on Wednesday that this country used the type of weapons that the Zionist regime used in its new attack on aid workers of an international organization. done, he is unaware.

In response to the question of whether weapons or resources provided by the United States were involved in this attack, the National Security Communications Advisor of the White House said: I think the answer is this. I don’t know the question.

The Zionist army in its latest crime against the troops Foreign aid workers in the Gaza Strip bombed the car of the staff of the World Central Kitchen Organization who had traveled to this strip to visit the situation in the Gaza Strip, during which seven citizens of Australia, England, Poland, America and Canada were killed. became.

In response to this crime, the European Union stressed that the targeting and killing of members of the Global Central Kitchen Team by the Zionist army is terrible.

This union emphasized that we are waiting for the implementation of the Security Council resolution regarding the immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the implementation of measures We are the International Court of Justice.


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