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Congressman: Ukraine will not return US money

The representative of the American Congress confirmed that Ukraine will not be able to return the loan that Washington gives it.

Marjory Taylor Green, the representative of the American Congress, expressed confidence that Ukraine will never be able to return the American money that it may receive in the form of a loan from the United States.

Green wrote on his page on the X website: Next week, Speaker Johnson is going to give 60 billion dollars to Ukraine, part of which he considers a “loan” to Ukraine.

He said: It is completely ridiculous that we are trying to convince the American people that Ukraine will one day return this money to us!

This congressman added: Our government gives one billion dollars a month in financial aid to Ukraine, just for the Ukrainian government to work and we even pay their pensions!

Green stressed: Why do we give free money to defend their countries and “lend” to bankrupt and corrupt Ukraine, and why is our government not a mediator of peace in Ukraine?

He said: American people are not stupid and they are tired of these scams.

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