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Reports of a suspicious explosion in Damascus/no attack

The Syrian police confirmed the night explosion in the "Al-Shalan" area of ​​Damascus and declared the origin of the explosion to be a weak improvised explosive device that killed its carrier.

reported by Mehr News Agency, news sources reported on Thursday morning that a suspicious explosion was heard in the “Shalan” area of ​​Damascus, the capital of Syria.

In an interview with the Syrian state reporter (SANA), a Damascus police source announced that preliminary investigations have shown that the explosion was caused by a person carrying improvised explosive devices who died due to a sudden explosion near “Shalan” square in Damascus.

Syrian sources in the know emphasized that the sound of the explosion in the city of Damascus was caused by an improvised explosive device and that there was no attack or aggression by the Israeli regime.

News sources reported that several ambulances were sent to the scene after the sound of an explosion on Thursday morning in Sholan area of ​​Damascus.

Local media in Syria did not mention the cause of the incident and whether the said explosion resulted in casualties or not.

Some local sources in Syria also report the explosion of a power transformer, and some report the explosion of a bomb carried by a person.

Syrian official sources have not yet published a report on this regarding.


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