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The possibility of reopening the shelters in Tel Aviv due to the fear of Iran’s retaliatory reaction

Tel Aviv authorities are considering reopening the shelters following Iranian threats of retaliation, Hebrew-language media reported.

According to Mehr News Agency, On Wednesday night, the Israeli army is reviewing the order to reopen all shelters in Tel Aviv for fear of Iran’s Joviane retaliation threats.

The Zionist base Walla reported that as threats increase, Tel Aviv metropolitan area authorities are considering reopening public shelters.

On the other hand, news sources announced that following Iran’s threats to respond to the criminal aggression against our country’s consulate in Damascus, the Zionist regime announced the strengthening of its air defense and recruitment of reserve forces.


The Al Jazeera news network reported on Wednesday night that the Israeli army announced in a statement: As part of the assessment of the army’s situation, a decision was made to strengthen and recruit reserve soldiers in the air defense systems.

In this regard, Hebrew sources pointed to “the height of vigilance after Iran’s threats” and “the estimation of the security agencies that Iran will respond to the attack on the consulate through its proxy organizations”.

On the other hand, the Zionist regime army has declared a state of be ready in the air force and in all its embassies around the world.

It should be mentioned that last Monday, the Zionist army attacked our country’s consulate in Damascus in an open aggression and contrary to international commitments, as a result of which seven people, including two high-ranking military officials, were martyred.


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