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Foreign Minister of Ukraine complains about the lack of work of Western allies

In an interview, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine complained that the country's western partners do not provide Kiev with the Patriot defense system.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kolba complained that although Western countries have more than a hundred Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, they are unwilling to transfer at least some of them to Kiev.

According to the report of Sputnik, he added in a conversation with one of the western agencies: We got our various systems (air defense) from our partners and we appreciate them, but considering the extent of the war, it is not enough.

The foreign minister explained that Kiev’s partners have more than 100 Patriot systems in their arsenal, but they are not ready to share even at least 5-7 air defense systems that Ukraine needs.

Earlier, retired general of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Sergei Krivonos, said that the Russian armed forces are carrying out large-scale attacks on the country’s strategic targets and described the situation of the air defense (air defense) as critical.

Krivonos added on YouTube: The situation of Ukraine’s air defense is critical. Everyone who is now on Ukrainian soil is thinking about this, and it is clear to me that we have not paid enough attention to the deployment of a more powerful air force.

As Krivonos noted, the Russian military has accumulated sufficient resources to carry out large-scale attacks on strategically important targets in areas controlled by Kiev.

Despite significant financial and military support from NATO and a number of Western countries allied with Washington, Russian forces thwarted the Ukrainian counteroffensive from Kiev.

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