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Moscow’s narrative of the West’s double standard in the attack on Damascus

The First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations evaluated the behavior of the United States, England and France in relation to the discussion of the Zionist regime's attack on Damascus in the Security Council as an indication of the double standards of Western countries.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, citing Dmitri Poliansky from “Tas” news agency, The first deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations last night, Wednesday, expressed the opinion that the United States and the United Kingdom refused to discuss the draft statement of the Security Council after the second meeting of April, which was prepared by Russia, that the meeting of standards The duality of Western countries has reconfirmed the need to comply with all international standards.

This Russian diplomat wrote on his Telegram channel: Following the results of the April 2 meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack by Israeli fighters on The Consular Building of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Russia prepared a draft of the Security Council’s condemnation statement for the press with the standard text for such cases. However, the United States and the United Kingdom did not even want to discuss this issue. Poliansky explained that the Washington and London authorities justified this refusal due to a lack of consensus on the assessment of the attack on the capital of the independent Syrian state. they did The diplomat noted that the delegation of the two countries is with the French, who refuse to condemn such provocative actions by Israel. He added: “They did not condemn this clear violation of international laws, but they attempted a kind of verbal balance from which it could be concluded that Iran is guilty of everything”. Security happened once again shows the preference of double standards in dealing with events among Western countries.

Russian air force destroyed two bases of terrorists in Syria

In another reported news, Major General Yuri Popov, the deputy head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Hostile Forces in Syria last night, Wednesday, announced in a press conference that the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed two bases of terrorist forces in Syria.

He said: “In the attacks of the Russian aerospace forces, two bases of terrorist groups that had left al-Tanf region and were hiding in the inaccessible areas of the Amur mountain range in Homs province and al-Bashri in Deir ez-Zor province were destroyed. “

This Russian military official also mentioned that a Syrian soldier was killed during the firing of the terrorists’ artillery at the positions of the Syrian government forces in an area of ​​Aleppo province, and two improvised bombs were dropped by a drone. The passenger of the terrorists headed towards the Syrian military positions near a village in Latakia province and another soldier was injured.

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