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Human Rights Watch’s report on Israel’s war crimes last October

In a report, Human Rights Watch demanded that Israel illegally attack a building in Gaza last October and killed dozens of people, calling for an end to sending weapons to Tel Aviv.

reported Mehr News Agency quoted by Al Jazeera, the Human Rights Watch announced that countries should stop the transfer of weapons to the occupying regime of Israel and stop the investigation of the International Criminal Court. /span> about the crimes of this regime in Palestine.

The Human Rights Watch published a report and emphasized this issue, adding that Israel attacked a residential building in Gaza on October 31, 2023 without any military purpose, during which 106 civilians were killed, including 54 children were killed and this is a war crime.

This report comes while the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip announced that the number of martyrs of the aggression of the Zionist regime from October 7, 2023 until now is 33 thousand 37 martyrs and the number of injured is 75 thousand 668 number of people has increased.

This ministry added in its statement that the Zionist regime committed six crimes of mass killing in different areas of the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours, during which 62 people were martyred and 91 people were injured.


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