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Germany is reforming the command structures of the army

The German Ministry of Defense is modifying the command structures of the army in order to raise the level of the army's readiness for wartime due to the continuation of Russia's war against Ukraine.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, the newspaper “Pasayr Noye Perse” wrote in an article: “Warworthiness” has been the stated goal of the German military for some time. “Boris Pistorius”, the German Minister of Defense, now wants to make public his decision on the new command structure to achieve this goal.

Accordingly, by changing the command structure, the German army should be more capable of military action. slow “Boris Pistorius”, the Minister of Defense of Germany, will present his decision for these reforms today (Thursday). On the desk of the German official from the Social Democratic Party are working papers that propose a joint operational command and four branches of the armed forces – army, air force, navy and cyberspace and intelligence (CIR).

In November last year, at the conference German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced “combatability as a principle for action” in new defense policy guidelines. He also asked Karsten Brewer, the inspector general and deputy of this ministry, to consider these reforms. “Please consider these clear instructions from me,” he said to the generals. In this way, Pistorius wants to act against the dual structures that hinder and hold each other back.

The German army has an operations command in Schwielowsee near Potsdam to plan and control foreign operations such as West Africa or Now with the ship “Hessen” in the Red Sea. In addition, a Territorial Command for National Defense was established in Berlin, where the operational plan (“OPLAN”) for Germany’s national defense was drawn up. The two positions have very different duties, but they may overlap.

The German defense ministry has now announced that amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the growing threat of war for Germany, Pistorius was ordered to question the structure. It has issued an existing command and its alignment with contemporary national and alliance defense requirements. The statement stated that the aim is to create an army ready for war. In this statement, the ability to grow and be agile, as well as digitalization and openness to innovation, were mentioned as guiding principles.

Also, with great interest in the issue, it is expected that the minister will also comment on the personnel goals of the German army. will or not The so-called personnel offensive of the Bundeswehr has not made any progress in recent years, with the number of soldiers recently reduced to 181,500. The announced goal so far has been to increase the number of Bundeswehr soldiers to 203,000 by 2031 – due to the new dangers posed by Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The German army is facing many problems, including a lack of equipment and personnel.

Although the German army is only allowed to recruit underage soldiers in this country in exceptional cases, the crisis of personnel shortage has accelerated the process of such recruitments in this country’s army.

The German army recruited about 18,800 new soldiers last year. Statistics show that the proportion of young teenagers among the enlisted soldiers has increased again. According to statistics, about 1996 soldiers were only 17 years old at the time of recruitment. This corresponds to a share of 10.6% after 9.4% in the previous year.

This is while the Social Democrats, Greens and Liberal Democrats agreed in the federal coalition agreement that training and service with arms should be for be adult soldiers.

The Bundeswehr is having trouble finding enough troops. Germany’s federal education minister recently urged schools to “develop a relaxed relationship with the military. I think it’s important that young officers come to schools and report what Bodensohr is doing for our security.” >

In this way, due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Germany’s ability to defend itself has once again been exposed to public attention. The German Ministry of Defense recently announced that there were about 27,000 vacancies in the German army last year.

In this situation, discussions about the revival of conscription have recently risen again in Germany.

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