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Israeli youth prefer prison to being in the army

The young Zionists who have reached the age to enter the army of this regime say that they were not willing to enter this army even before the Gaza war and now they do not want to lose their lives in vain in the war under any circumstances.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news, while after more than 180 days of the war The brutality of the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip, this regime is still struggling with the problem of lack of manpower, and the request to summon Haredis to the army and the widespread protests that this extreme Zionist class has launched has become another challenge for the Israeli army, the Israeli youth. who must be forced to join the army, they say that they prefer prison to being in this army.

“Ben Arad” is an 18-year-old Zionist youth who published a tweet a few days ago and announced that he is willing to join the Israeli army. He is not and he prefers prison to this army.

He who participated in the demonstrations against the Cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, said that he does not want to participate in the war in Gaza, which is dragging the entire region towards a regional war. And everyone knows that the Israeli army cannot return the “kidnapped” (Zionist prisoners in Gaza) or resurrect the dead prisoners with military attacks. Also, the Gaza Strip will never be left under the control of Hamas, and the war that Israel has launched is actually a war against the Palestinian people, not Hamas. This young Zionist added that I did not want to join the Israeli army even before the Gaza war began Bad.

Ben Arad is not the only young Israeli who has escaped from compulsory service in the army of this regime. Tal Mitinik, another one of these youths, who has spent 105 days in prisons of his regime and does not want to enter the army, said that I do not want to go to war, and in my opinion, Israel cannot succeed with a military solution. I am not willing to participate in an army that ignores the real problems and depends on a cabinet that only seeks disaster.

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He went on to say that no change can be made due to the presence of corrupt politicians and the Israeli army uses violence And the bloodshed cannot protect us, and we see that the authorities have completely forgotten the problems and the settlements and residents are abandoning them every moment. He was imprisoned for being in the army and announced in a press interview that I am not willing to participate in the war and I want to convey the message that a military solution to the political problem does not work. The older we get, the more we understand what reality is. The fact is that October 7 (the day of the Battle of al-Aqsa) did not change anything, and Israel should have expected such a reaction from the Palestinian people when it used excessive violence against them. The war in Gaza proved to me that my decision not to participate in the war was right.

These young Zionists are 3 of thousands of young people who say that they do not want to lose their lives in a war in vain, and from the scenes of Israeli soldiers being killed. They are afraid of war and prefer to escape from service and be imprisoned than to die in vain. Meanwhile, the Haredi challenge has been added to the other problems of the Israeli army in the Gaza war during the past month.

In recent weeks, political and social divisions have intensified once again due to the review of the law requiring Haredi Jews to serve in the Israeli army. While the secular currents at the same time as the Gaza crisis are demanding military service for Haredi Jews, many Haredi religious leaders have condemned this and stated that they will never agree to the presence of their followers in the Israeli army.

Yair Lapid, the head of the opposition of the Zionist regime, responded to the rabbi’s threats and said that if Haredi youths are not supposed to serve in the army, the Israeli army has the right to give orders. It does not apply to the troops who have served 70, 90 and 120 days this year. The army is using its maximum capacity and now we do not have enough forces in Gaza and the West Bank also lacks forces. Also, if a conflict occurs in the north, the Israeli army does not have enough strength to fight there. The Israeli army is small and its challenges are big.

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